Western meets Switzerland

The Bolo Tie collaboration of the two Swiss brands Appenzeller Gurt and ByDominique is now available online -> SHOP HERE :)
ByDominique X Appenzeller Gurt Bolo TieByDominique X Appenzeller Gurt Bolo Tie
The Bolo Tie: The cowboy accessory that became popular in the 50s is making a comeback and increasingly becoming an It-piece in the fashion world - and this time not just for men, as it perfectly complements every clothing style of any gender.
Behind the collaboration of Appenzeller Gurt with ByDominique lies true craftsmanship. Some time ago, I, Dominique Rinderknecht, a long-time fan and wearer of these belts, grabbed one of the belt ornaments and after much tinkering and many hours in the workshop, this fully handcrafted gem was created. The centerpiece and ends are sterling silver, the ornament brass, and the leather band is the same as that of the belts - regionally sourced from the Bündnerland or Southern Germany, vegetable-tanned in pit tanneries.
The Bolo Tie is an accessory that elevates any outfit. And what we love: it bridges the gap between traditional and modern - an old piece of jewelry reinterpreted!
ByDominique X Appenzeller Gurt Bolo Tie

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